Don't let an injury hold you back. We have the medical equipment and supplies you need to continue your active lifestyle! We service Modesto, Manteca, Stockton, Turlock, Sonora and the surrounding area!

Ask anybody who is recovering from an injury or confined to a bed "what's the one daily activity you wish were easier?" and the answer will almost always be bathing or taking a shower. Our unique portable shower rentals will make showering simple and hassle free again! We offer short and long term rentals and sales of this one of a kind bathing solution!

Why bother with crutches when there is an easier, safer alternative? We offer affordable rental rates on knees scooters to get you up and rolling along! 

Wheelchair Rentals

Electric Mobility Scooter Rental

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We offer low cost rentals of high quality, name brand transport scooters. Whether you need it for a family vacation, a weekend getaway or a quick day trip, we've got you covered.

Hospital Bed Rentals and sales

Have an upcoming trip? Do you need a little help getting around? We have your solution! Whether its a weekend getaway or a post surgical recovery, we have a rental package for you.

We understand how difficult it can be to get a hospital bed. Insurance companies deny up to 80% of hospital beds and the ones that do get approved typically take 6-8 weeks! Let us help you today! Our rentals are quick and hassle free. We also offer trapeze bars and over bed tables.

Knee scooter rentals

Now Offering Portable Shower Rentals!

Take a quick look at our knee scooter tutorial and learn a little about how to use one safely.